CRM. Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming: Theory and Computation

October, 2019

Mixed integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) is concerned with finding optimal solutions to mathematical optimization models that combine both discrete and nonlinear elements. Models with this flavor are arising in important applications in many domains, notably chemical engineering, energy, and transportation.

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West Coast Optimization Meeting

UBC, Vancouver, Sept. 27-28, 2019

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Tenth Cargese Workshop on Combinatorial Optimization

Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargese, Corsica, Sept. 2-6, 2019

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I will be interim director, Institute of Applied Mathematics in 2019-20.

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Bellairs Workshop on Optimization

Holetown, Barbados, April 12-19, 2019

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Oberwolfach Meeting on Combinatorial Optimization

November, 2018

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PIMS Data Science Workshop

August 2018

The 2018 PIMS Data Science Workshop has two goals: to bring together top researchers, industry professionals and BC Math students to tackle interesting research and industry problems; and to develop data science literacy in students with strong mathematical skills who may have little experience in the realm of "data science".

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Canadam 2017

June 2017

The 6th biennial Canadian Discrete and Algorithmic Mathematics Conference (CanaDAM) will be held on June 12-15, 2017 on the Toronto campus of Ryerson University. The general theme of the conference is the theory and application of discrete structures. Its goal is to highlight the most salient trends in the field, which has close links to such diverse areas as cryptography, computer science, large-scale networks and biology.

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Bellairs Workshop on Data, Learning and Optimization

April 2017

This continues a tradition of workshops inl Optimization and Algorithms. The theme this year is "Data, Learning and Optimization". There will be a limited number of focus lectures given by people working in these areas. The rest of the time is devoted to developing collaborations. We also expect to engage in discussion (debate) about where data science and optimization are heading.

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